Custom Image Manipulation.
Blurate: A tool for experimenting with image effects

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Requires an OpenCL™ 1.2 compute device with latest drivers

Download more community effects in the databse here
Experiment with image effects
Blurate's simple user interface allows you to describe complex image effects in baby steps (or "passes") that are easy to modify and understand.
Focus on technique, not code
In each pass simply indicate what prior pass to use an input, what function to apply on that input, the conditions for each component and how to merge the output with other passes.
Ease into advanced effects
Start with Blurate's built-in function options (which cover most common image effect needs). And as you learn more, pro features will help you with kernel coding.
Limitless Customization
See how an effect changes with source, destition and neighbor channel intensities and more.
Experiment with Performance
With the power of OpenCL and Blurate's runtime measurement you can rapidly optimize for performance.
Portable and Sharable
Share your image effects in a standard readable format that can be interpreated, reproduced and enhanced by others.
Compatiable with Modern Graphics
Use on any OpenCL/Metal compatible platform. And on deivces with more than one option, mix and match them to different tasks.
Get started with micro-tutorials on our YouTube channel.
And this is for those who like reading pdf documentation (yeah, it sucks. We couldn't afford a technical writer, but at least its free)
Let us know what functions you think would make Blurate able to produce cooler effects (
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